simon gets traded and stuff happens 

this is what happens when i watch a new sturm interview on the panthers site. i would also rant about the fact that they have four game packs of tickets starting at 69$ over there. you know what that would get you here? nothing. you need to shell out another twenty dollars for a terrible seat. i’m not ranting though, just putting that out there. now, the drabble.

this is completely au btw and the time line is fucked up but i give no fucks. i’m in a really weird mood today.

things in simon’s personal life were going great as of late. they had just bought a new house closer to the arena, bambi was turning out to be a normal despite her name and rebecca had just told him that she was pregnant. he really couldn’t complain much about anything at the moment.

as for things with the lions, that was a whole different story. ever since winning the stanley cup, they’ve been struggling to make the playoffs. they came out 27th overall in the league last year. things were getting tense to say the least. it was now february and they weren’t looking much better. they’d be lucky if they didn’t finish last in the league. there were talks that a huge trade was going down soon but simon didn’t worry about that much. he was drafted by the lions and they told him they had no intentions on trading him when he signed a new contract last june. simon had considered getting a no trade clause put in but they assured him that there was no point and it was just extra paper work for nothing. this lead to the cole’s buying a new house, making a big investment with a promise of not being moved seemed like a good idea.

that was until 2:54 pm east. on february 26th, it was the last deal made of the day. simon had been keeping an eye on the news all day, it was trade deadline and if something was going to go down, it would be then. he had heard names thrown around in the media as potential trade baits. his name had come up once as a joke.

simon was just waking up from his game day nap when it was announced. his phone started buzzing uncontrollably, he knew something was wrong before he even checked. he had been traded to the columbus blue jackets for a first round draft pick and a few names he hadn’t even heard of before. to say simon was insulted was an understatement. he later found out it had been in the works since september.

it started making sense after a while, the blue jackets had just played the lions last week and the coach had made tracked simon down as he was leaving the arena to tell him his game looked sharp and to keep it the good work. it was weird but nice. simon didn’t really spend too much time thinking about it at the time except for mentioning it to becca in passing that night.

simon was suppose to report to the blue jackets the next day for their game against the oilers. he didn’t even have time to say good bye to rebecca or bambi before he was whisked off to edmonton. after emptying his locker at the arena, simon had to deal with the media before boarding a plane for a short flight. he finally had time to talk to his wife on skype before going to bed that night. he didn’t have much to say at the time. he was emotionally drained and just wanted to go to bed before practice the next morning.

the next few weeks were hell on heart. with only a month and a bit left in the season, there was no point in forcing rebecca to move to colombus until next september. instead, they had decided that simon was going to live out of a hotel until they could get settled. it was extremely lonely, simon didn’t really know any of the players on the blue jackets team and he missed everyone back home. simon started pulling away from rebecca and he tried avoiding calling them as much as possible. it wasn’t healthy but it was better than the loneliness that came along after calls.

it took him years to accept the trade. trades were part of the game but simon’s game was never after the trade. his love of the game was no longer there and he didn’t even look into signing with another team after his contract ran out. he couldn’t even explain why it had hit him so hard. it just did and simon was never the same.

(this turned out different than i expected. it sucks and i hate it.)